GBP 5.00

Frailty Aware

This course provides an essential introduction to frailty and what it means to the lives of people living with the condition, their families and carers.

GBP 10.00

FrailtySIM - the Virtual Reality Frailty Experience

An immersive learning experience through the deployment of wearable Virtual Reality technology.

GBP 5.00

Identifying and assessing frailty

This course provides an overview of why identifying and assessing frailty matters, the difference between opportunistic and population-based approaches and the CGA or Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.

GBP 5.00

Journeys of Frailty: dynamics and complexities

An overview of the dynamics and complexities of frailty that affect an individual's journey of frailty, including stages of frailty and how the most appropriate support and interventions change as frailty progresses. It concludes with Baldev's story.

GBP 5.00

Making the most of the Frailty Toolkit

This course includes access to the Frailty Toolkit, which is an online set of resources designed to help those supporting older people living with frailty regardless of role or organisation.

Frailty360 is a series of online learning resources designed to improve awareness and understanding of frailty. It is based on face to face training that has been undertaken by over 1,000 participants. The full training includes access to FrailtySIM, an immersive virtual reality experience.